Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The best calendar ever!

Today I want to tell you about a very special calendar my talented husband Pat Haverfield has photographed and art directed for the past 5 years, titled Hunger and Thirst. Pat donates all the photography each year. Central Market underwrites the project and sells the calendars in their stores, and ALL the proceeds benefit The North Texas Food Bank. So far sales of the calendar have paid for more than 300,000 meals for the hungry.

This year Pat was thrilled to work with renowned chef Kent Rathbun on this worthwhile project. Kent donated 13 fabulous recipes and prepared each one for Pat to photograph. Kent's incredible recipes are included inside. Each one is printed on a handy perforated card, just the right size to tear out and keep in your files. Even if you don't live in north Texas and can't get to a Central Market you too can purchase a calendar, or 10! They make great gifts. Just go to the North Texas Food Bank's website, right here.

Bon Apetit!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My Friend Eve

The holidays are almost here! For your enjoyment and some great gift ideas, I would like to introduce you to a very talented friend of mine. Eve used to work here in the neighborhood for Reveal Productions where she helped produce TV commercials. She began taking classes and learning the art of jewelry making in her spare time. Over the last year Eve developed a small business of her own, designing and making jewelry, and selling it online.
Things were going well and she soon decided to follow her heart,
devoting herself to making jewelry full time.


My first blog interview!
Presenting a cozy chat with metalsmith and jewelery artist extraordinaire,
Eve Allison-Maynard.

MH: When did you did you fall in love with making jewelry?

EAM: I don’t remember a particular moment, it’s just always been a calling. When I was young, probably around the age of 7, I was completely obsessed with Native American Indian culture. My mom would take me to MJ Designs and let me buy seed beads in all colors. She surprised me one day with a mini bead-weaving loom that allowed me to weave wide beaded necklaces and bracelets. I would sell my wares on our neighborhood street corner, no lemonade stand for me! In addition, I have always been attracted to the organic nature of things and have always collected small pieces of rocks and rusted metal I find on the ground. I never realized that I wanted to incorporate all these organic things until the idea to learn the art of Silversmithing hit me one day out of nowhere! By that evening I was enrolled in the Dallas Craft Guild’s Beginning Silversmithing class.

MH: Do you find a stone you like and design to the stone? Or do you create a design and then search for a stone to best complement that design? Which comes first?

EAM: Honestly? A lot of both! I’m inspired by everything around me, the way a leaf sits where it’s fallen from the tree, ancient beliefs and rituals, shapes and colors I see when I squint my eyes and blur my vision…there really is no special equation for how I work. I carry a sketchbook wherever I go. Sometimes I awake from a dream and get up to sketch out an idea before it slips from my mind in the morning light. Sometimes when I’m at an impasse and searching for a direction I’ll pull out several cabochons that I’m particularly moved by. I then arrange them on a page in my sketchbook and sketch designs around them, to see where the stone leads me.

MH: Have you taken classes, if so where? Have you apprenticed with other jewelry makers? Are you largely self-taught?

EAM: I took about a year of weekly classes on-and-off from the Dallas Craft Guild, where I learned the basics of Silversmithing. During this time I pinched pennies so I could purchase the bare essential tools needed to build a basic studio at home. My wonderful husband built an incredible workbench that is super sturdy. I love him for all the hard work he put into it! Many of the techniques that I currently use I have figured out on my own, by studying books and experimenting. Of course there were (are) many failures and tears, but once I’ve mastered something new a great feeling of accomplishment overrides all that misery. I figured out etching and electroplating by myself and both techniques are used in a new line of work I’ll be releasing in the next few months. I’m currently experimenting with resins to capture delicate organic objects, and will move on to torch firing enamels next year. I’m still such a novice and have so much to learn, but I have discovered that this process of finding my niche/personal style is so satisfying. Every new technique I learn moves me forward on that path, and I believe that I will search for it the rest of my life!

MH: Have you found etsy.com to be an effective way to sell and promote your work? Do you also participate in craft shows? Jewelry shows?

EAM: I found Etsy.com when I was just a few months into my classes at the Craft Guild. I believe it to be effective in many ways! I am eternally grateful for such a place to jump start my business! I’m just now fully understanding what my particular “branding” is, and soon plan to create my own website, in addition to keeping my Etsy store. Etsy can be extremely effective. You do have to be willing to spend a lot of time constantly listing new items, networking, mastering the art of ‘tags’, and updating your photos for maximum appeal. There are thousands of talented people that make jewelry, and it can be difficult to find ways to be seen and stand out. Still, Etsy has been good to me and is a wonderful site if you take a little time to master it. Most of my work has been custom commissions from people who have found me on Etsy! In addition, I have participated in a few small craft shows, and I find them to be a good way to hand out cards and introduce people to my work. Even if they don’t purchase something during the show, they can visit my online store for a later purchase. One of my goals for the next year or two is to work on expanding my jewelry lines, and to be accepted into some of the more serious fine art shows that happen all over the country.

MH: Tell us about “EtsyMetal Teams Monthly Challenge”.

EAM: Oh! These are so much fun ;o) I’m part of a very talented group of Metalsmithing Jewelers that all sell on Etsy. We have our own separate forums and interact as a group to share knowledge, trade jewelry in the annual ‘Secret Santa’ and ‘Charm Swap’, as well as have fun with daily, weekly, and monthly challenges. We inspire and support each other, and these Challenges get our creative juices going. In one of the recent monthly challenges the idea was to create a piece that was inspired by ancient jewelry. You can see what I came up with here. ;o)

The team also has a blog where they post photos of the work for each and every challenge. There are so many! Your readers can check them out here!

MH: I enjoy the stories that accompany each of your pieces. Does the story come first? Or does the story come to you while you are making the piece?

EAM: A story generally comes to me as I’m working on a piece. I typically start with a shape in mind, a theme, or at least a general concept. The story grows and takes shape throughout the creation of the piece. My customers also enjoy the stories behind my pieces, they help to give each one a true character and I think people can relate to that.

MH: Do you take all the photos of your work?

EAM: I do, and this has been a struggle. I’m still learning so much in this area. I actually took a darkroom photography class in college and that has helped, but every day is a new challenge. To make each photo stand out and quickly catch a customer’s eye I like to create a simple scene around each piece. I’m always searching for interesting books, rocks, or textures that I can incorporate into my photos. Throughout this process, I’ve learned a lot about Photoshop! With PS I can adjust colors and lighting so that each shot is the best that it can be. Then each photo must be manipulated to fit within the proper template to upload to Etsy. In the end, I want every aspect of every picture on my site working together to convey my style and complement my jewelry designs.

MH: Do you have any shows or special events coming up that we can tell everyone about?

EAM: I wish I did but currently I’m in a creative mode, forming cohesive lines for my work. In the search for my own style, I’m learning that it helps me to create a body of work around a general concept or design. When that idea wears itself out, I can move on to the next one. My mind is constantly filled with dreams and ideas of pieces I want to create. The hard part is editing it all down, and my current goal is finding the proper direction so that my work isn’t all over the place. Once I’ve shaped my own vision a bit more I plan to enter some of those larger shows we talked about earlier.

Thank you for your interest in my work. Please keep an eye on my blog. I regularly post new work as well as events I’m participating in.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The wedding!

Thanks for checking in. Life has been in overdrive around here.
The big news this month is/was our son's wedding! What a blast! The bride and groom planned the whole thing themselves. A unique, imaginative, and intimate celebration reflecting their personalities down to the ground.
On Friday approximately 35 close friends and family members attended the wedding in Escondido CA, followed by a reception at Stone World Bistro and Gardens. This is a beautiful venue with great food and of course, fabulous beer. The brewery and bistro are surrounded by an extensive garden with waterfalls and koi ponds. Huge boulders are scattered amongst tall trees, native grasses and herbs.
A special evening indeed, but not the end of the fun. A larger party for almost everybody else the bride and groom know and love took place the following evening in Los Angeles.
Our son is making a career in the Craft Beer industry and has just taken the exam to become a Cicerone. That's a relatively new term for "Beer Expert", much like a Sommelier in the wine biz. The bride is a beautiful and talented teacher. Her favorite flower is the sunflower, so sunflowers and hops became the theme of the day. I painted some of each for their invitations and announcements. Here's a peek.

The day marked one of those major passages in life for all of us. My husband and I were on a bit of an emotional roller coaster for days before the trip, and we were surprised by that. We love our new daughter. We have known this was coming and looked forward to it for almost 3 years.
When all was said and done my favorite memory of the day was the look on both of their faces as each of them recited those time honored words. They radiated happiness and calm. Suddenly everything about this new normal felt right.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Artists I Love

Today I want to talk about an artist I love, her new show in Boston, and a gallery walk in Dallas.

First I want to introduce you to Fay Chandler. She has a show currently hanging in the Boston Center for the Arts titled: Just as I am: a fifty year survey. I invite you to visit her website. www.faychandler.com Friends of ours here in Dallas are actually from Boston and it was through them that I met Fay a few years ago. Fay has been painting since the '60's and this show has pieces dating all the way back to her days in grad school as well as many new pieces. It offers a rare peek at this artist's journey, You will see paintings on canvas, mixed media works on paper, and sculptures made of found objects. To me her work is whimsical and compelling. Sweet and yet so interesting. She presents a colorful, serene world I want to explore. A place I always want to spend time. At 88 she is still productive and original and a role model for me and many others.

Closer to home, here in Dallas this Saturday is the Dallas Art Dealers Association Fall Gallery Walk from 2:00 to 8:00. Our neighbors at the fabulous Sun to Moon Gallery will be participating.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Step by step.

It has been much too long since my first post and I apologize, but hey! It's summer. I'm happy to report that we got out of TX, and this terrible heat for a while. Next our son and future daughter-in-law arrived for a rare visit. The wedding is in Oct. and there were things to do.
OK. No more excuses. I'm back in the studio and I want to show you my newest painting. It's a scene from a new story I'm writing. My inspiration for this story is a young friend of ours who LOVES turtles. While looking at some cute snap shots my husband had taken of her and her twin I suddenly envisioned her riding a turtle. A very big turtle.

First step: Research and sketches! After finding excellent shots of sea turtles on the web I did sketches of each character and each element in the piece. Then more sketches of the whole composition. Lots of sketching. When the sketch is worked out in great detail I move on to...
Step two: Transfer of sketch to watercolor paper. For this I use my trusty Art-O-Graph and a very light pencil. My AOG is an ancient and obsolete piece of equipment I can best describe as a souped up overhead projector. In the process of the transfer I tweak the drawing, adjust size relationships, etc.
Step three: Painting. Applying water color in very pale washes everywhere, stopping periodically to make color decisions.
Sometimes trying different color combinations out on tracing paper w/colored pencils. I then continue with the pale washes until all elements of the piece have paint.
Step four: More paint. Deepening the colors selectively.
Step five: Strengthening line work. I use a dark brown pencil for this.
Step six: More paint. Pushing and pulling the values to create depth and vibrance.
Step seven: Permanent white gouache. I use this sparingly to touch up high lights, add definition, and sparkle.
Write me and tell me what you think. Feel free to ask questions?
Hope your summer was fun but seriously, enough of this. Let's hear it for FALL! Soup! Warm socks! Cozy sweaters! Cool mornings and chilly evenings. Blankets on the bed. Hot chocolate!

Monday, July 12, 2010

My First Post

At last!
For months I've been planning, designing, and writing this blog in my head. Now here it is.

For my first post I think I need a mission statement, of sorts.

With this blog
I plan to explore all the forms of art that interest me. You will see art I'm working on, art by friends, and art by heroes of mine. Over time you will see, art for children's books, art to hang on walls or stand in courtyards, and fine crafts and the artists who create them. This space will be filled with stories and pictures of things that I love. I hope to connect with a wider community of artists and interested people. Finally, I believe that maintaining this blog will help/force me to learn more about the cyber world and how to create art within it. I'm a person who cares about art, and even needs art, and yet wrestles daily with creating it.

Thank you for stopping by. Please come back often, and let me know your thoughts about what you see here.

To view my work please go to: www.maryhaverfield.com